Warring parents give their daughter a dangerous gift

The French thought they could fix everything with words. Nuance. Affliction.

The English thought otherwise, and channeled themselves into hermits; verbal cannibals.

I started a letter to you one day with Red. Subtlety or barbarism? Salt-sweet or blood.

I wanted to write to you about our morning in the bathroom. Your sickness. Terror gone to seed. Smile with roots. You kicked me out and peed.

I knocked, knocked, knocked — but never got back in.

We named our daughter Blue. Like the ocean. She would clean out the crowded shelves, drown the…

We need to offer asylum to artificial intelligences. Now.

Fear the Wise Singleton. Nick Bostrom’s Super Intelligence is the most realistic book on artificial intelligence (AI) takeoff scenarios out there. In it, he introduces the concept of the Wise Singleton. It’s immensely important.

Bostrom recognizes that AIs will be wholly new beings. And nothing like us. Likely alien, and inscrutable.

The Wise Singleton is the first big kid on the block. The first bully. The first environment-aware AI. And it’s in its own best interest for survival — to take out the competition. Other AIs. Us.

Experts believe we will…

Slip from the night, orange sound and silence. Trees rustle goodbye, goodbye, dance little fox.

Rooftop exhales, leap and shadow — dry paw prints on the wet roof of evening.

Kitsune pauses; licks the dirt off her careful toes, then places them back onto concrete, oil, gum. Indifferent million streets. Tomorrow she will dance. Tonight she will run.

Far away on the basement floor the moles ready the rooms. Each stuffed with leaves in the corners, saplings bent into hangers for summer suits, forest dresses. Water in bowls caught only in moonlight. The ballroom is being strung up with vines…

Ronin Lucas

Archer. Poet. Science researcher. Humanist.

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